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Rainforest Lichen and Bryophytes Workshop

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

When: Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th of March 2023 ~ Between 10am - 4pm

What : Free Course on managing your woodlands for the benefit of biodiversity.

Who: led by Dr Oliver Moore - Saving Scotland’s Rainforest Advisor (Plant life Scotland)

For all landowners/managers throughout Kintyre and Knapdale area.

Where: South Knapdale/North Kintyre woodland locations TBD

Book a place by emailing

Lichens and Bryophytes Reading Recommendations:

Carol Crawford, 2002, Bryophytes of Native Woods: A Field Guide to Common Mosses and Liverworts of Scotland and Ireland's Native Woodland

  • A very helpful and easy to read booklet for identifying some common mosses and liverworts within Atlantic Rainforests

Sandy and Brian Coppins, 2012, Atlantic Hazel – Scotland's Special Woodlands

  • An excellent book with well researched information on Atlantic Hazelwoods, many of which are situated within Argyll.

  • The charity organisation Plantlife have many handy, downloadable guides for plant identification in the UK, including for lichens and bryophytes of Atlantic Woodlands, such as “Lichens of Scotland's Rainforest”, and “Bryophytes of Atlantic Woodlands”

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