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 West Loch Tarbert has offered a sanctuary to wildlife wonders since time immemorial. Spilling into open sea at Ardpatrick point, the 15 kilometre stretch of water  once boasted dense meadows of seagrass and kelp forests, sprawling oyster reefs and nesting osprey, greylag geese, gannets and a plethora of other bird life as well as plant life, insects and creatures of land.  


We are Action West Loch - a local organisation - sharing a wish, to not only celebrate the existing culture and community of West Loch Tarbert but to appreciate and encourage the rich native ecosystems that surround us.  In addition, we aim to learn, listen and educate both ourselves and others who share an interest in these topics. 


Through this action group we hope to encourage a sense of connection  and wellbeing with all life living close to West Loch - including those whose livelihoods depend on it. 

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Action West Loch
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